Gregg Lowe

Gregg is an established actor and has appeared in many high profile productions in TV, Film and Theatre since he was a child. Credits include US TV shows and movies such as: Jett (HBO), Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix), Reign (CW) Warehouse 13 (Sci-Fi) and he plays Ink in X-Men, Days of Futures Past (20th Century Fox)

Gregg’s versatile voice is used extensively across all genres and he excels in AAA video games and animation.  He plays a wide range of characters in award winning titles including: the Assassins Creed Franchise (Valhalla and Syndicate), Watch Dogs Legion, Total War and Devil May Cry as well as animations for Disney and Netflix.

Gregg has dual nationality and over the past 10 years has spent time living in the US, Canada and the UK.

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Gregg's Audio Clips
GREGG LOWE - Teens-30s - character, versatile, energy