Frequently Asked Representation Questions

If you are interested in submitting a showreel to us with a view to possible representation, here are a few guidelines which may prove helpful:

  • Please only use our dedicated representation email address - - for your showreel submission.
  • Any submissions sent to anything other than will be deleted.
  • We no longer accept submissions by post and do not answer representation queries over the phone. 
Will you actually listen to my showreel?

We do listen to all submissions as quickly as possible. Our books are quite full but we do try to listen to every showreel sent to us when time allows.

Do I need to include a photo and CV?

Including a CV and headshot photo in your email is not essential but a link to your Spotlight profile is requested.

What should my showreel contain?

There are no strict rules as it is really more about showcasing your specific talents/qualities. This means mainly using your own natural speaking voice in the commercial/documentary section and showing your versatility if you include a character and/or gaming section. 

We do not expect you to cover all aspects in an initial submission but to show your talents as best you can.

Should I pay for a professional showreel?

We do not insist on a professional showreel.  It may benefit you if you are not able to mix your reel yourself.  We do ask that any submissions are of good audio quality.  Mp3 format is preferred.

Will I get any feedback or a rejection letter?

We receive a large number of submissions and unfortunately are unable to give feedback or reply individually. We will only contact you if we are interested in offering you representation.