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Artist Profile - Adam Diggle

Lancashire, Mancunian, Northern (English)

Age Ranges
Twenties, Thirties

Voice Types
Actors/Actresses, Attitude, Character/Animation, Comedy, Corporate/Informative, Impressions, Modern/Youthful/Contemporary, Natural/Fresh, Quirky/Interesting/Unique, Smooth/Soft-Sell, Understated/Low Key, Upbeat/Energy

Adam has been working in the voiceover industry since 2010 in a wide variety of areas, from ELT and telephony to animation and video games.

His native Boltonian accent has a warm, friendly and relatable tone, perfect for adverts and promos. He is far from a one trick pony though and prides himself on his vocal range and versatility. A giant warrior troll, a Woody Allan inspired talking frog, incredibly realistic cats and dogs, these are just a few of the weird and wonderful roles he has voiced. Previous clients include Vodafone, Cartoon Network, Toonz, Channel 4, Sega and EA.

Adam also excels at impersonations with Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone, Brian Blessed, David Attenborough and Bear Grylls being just a few of the names in his repertoire. Click the youtube link below to have a peek at Adam’s 50 person impersonation reel… no dubbing, they’re all actually him.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVDXZVc-4Vs

To listen to Adam's Video Game Voice Reel, click here

Adam Diggle on Spotlight