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Artist Profile - Mickey Hutton

Newcastle/Geordie, Northern (English)

Age Ranges
Thirties, Forties

Voice Types
Actors/Actresses, Attitude, Comedy, Natural/Fresh, Presenters, Quirky/Interesting/Unique, Upbeat/Energy

Life hasn’t always been easy for Geordie Stand-up comedian Mickey Hutton. As a baby Mickey was washed up on the shores of the river Tyne and adopted by a kindly couple Mr and Mrs Hutton. Even though the Huttons already had seventeen children they took him in and put young Mickey to work in their duffle coat factory. In fact, the toggles you have on your duffle coat were probably crafted by young baby Mickey. But Mickey knew there was more to life than toggle whittling and before long with his film star looks and fantastic sense of humour he was spotted by a duffle coat model agency, whisked off to London and went on to strut his stuff on the duffle coat catwalks of the world.   But once again the fickle hand of fate took control of Mickey’s life. He was spotted by top actor/pop star Jimmy Nail who offered him a starring role in his hit show Spender. Mickey accepted immediately as he knew this could lead to his dream. Panto!

Indeed it did and Mickey’s portrayal of ‘Wishy Washy’, is still talked about with a hushed reverence in the theatre world. The beautiful Geordie boy then went on to present top kids TV show Hangar 17 as well as beating Jack Nicholson to the role of presenting Hearts of Gold with Esther Rantzen and Carol Smillie. He even had his very own quiz show Think Tank on Channel 4. He’s even written books. But now what Mickey is most in demand for is his accent, his sonorous voice has graced commercials all over the world, so why not use him on yours?