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Artist Profile - Robert Elms

London/Cockney, Standard English/RP

Age Ranges
Thirties, Forties

Voice Types
Attitude, DJs/Broadcasters, Modern/Youthful/Contemporary, Natural/Fresh, Presenters, Quirky/Interesting/Unique, Understated/Low Key

Robert is a well known English writer and broadcaster.  

Robert was a writer for The Face magazine in the 1980s and is currently known for his long-running radio show on BBC London 94.9 where he  shares his thoughts and feelings on what makes London tick.

He championed the band Spandau Ballet, having suggested their name, and used to introduce the group at early concerts, performing poetry readings.

Elms also worked as a DJ at clubs including Palladium in New York.  Elms was a chronicler of the New Romantic movement of the early 1980s, which saw him become a popular interview choice for the broadcast media.

Elms then developed a broadcasting career of his own, working in both radio and television. He was a contributor to Loose Ends (BBC Radio 4) and presented the Channel 4 travel series Travelog during the 1990s. In 1989 his first novel was published, In Search Of The Crack by Penguin Books.

His book The Way We Wore, charts the changing fashions of his own youth, linking them with the social history of the times.