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Artist Profile - Shash Hira

Indian/Asian, Standard English/RP

Age Ranges
Teens, Twenties, Thirties

Voice Types
Actors/Actresses, Attitude, Character/Animation, Comedy, Impressions, Modern/Youthful/Contemporary, Natural/Fresh, Quirky/Interesting/Unique, Upbeat/Energy

It was a chance audition that landed Shash his first voice job whilst working as a graphic designer and as they say, the rest is history…

Shash started his voice acting career providing voices and sound effects for an anime series being produced in London, something he enjoyed so much that he decided to pursue voice acting as a career. After studying drama and speech he looked to stage acting to help develop his techniques and abilities and has worked in several theatre productions including The Crucible, Trainspotting and Sarah Kane’s Blasted, at the same time studying and practising microphone technique and sound production.  

These experiences that have enabled Shash to perform as a voice actor and not just a voice over. From performances as wacky characters in television, radio and online advertising campaigns, animations, audio books and video games to straight factual reads and narrations for audio tour guides, educational material, or corporate and phone services, his experience as a voice actor is varied and diverse. Shash is able to perform in a variety of accents (UK regional and international), across different age ranges in a number of voice types including characters, animation, comedy, impressions, natural, fresh, quirky, upbeat and energetic to name a few.

Shash has worked on commercials, animation, promos and narration for companies such as Disney, Nintendo, EA Games, Aviva and RAC to name a few. He has worked on numerous projects for Asian and Middle Eastern companies, working for McDonalds in Dubai, Cobra Beer in India and narrations for Indian documentaries being produced for English audiences. Growing up in and Indian household has given Shash an ingrained education of Indian accents that are second nature.